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Sumba Beach Island

Jean-Noël Khaladi

Jean-Noël Khaladi, co-founder of Sumba Beach Resort, is a visionary who has seamlessly blended his passion for nature with an entrepreneurial spirit. Born with a real gift to create success stories, Jean-Noël has created and sold several market leading businesses throughout his life (automotive concessions, software development and real estate). His foresight in recognizing the untapped potential of Sumba as a paradise waiting to be discovered led to the creation of a resort that is as luxurious as it is eco-conscious.

Our Story

Angella Khaladi and Jean-Noël Khaladi
Sumba Beach Tree Sea

For Angella and Jean-Noël Khaladi, the essence of luxury has always been intertwined with the vastness of space and the untouched beauty of nature.


They started by buying hectares of land next to the enchanted "Broceliande" forest in France, where they come from. "We didn't have any plans when we bought this land. We just wanted to know that nothing will ever be built on it", they say. 


But they still had a dream: owning a beach front land on which they could build their family house, and create a place where like-minded people, seeking the same serene escape, could have a break.


Even though they have been living in Bali for more than ten years, they knew it wasn't the place where they wanted to make their dream come true : "Bali suffers so much from the mass tourism that we didn't want to build one more house on it. We were looking for an untouched place: we don't need more shops, more restaurants or more spas. For our children we want more space and more nature". 


This dream, fueled by passion and a unique vision for the future, became a reality in the face of global adversity.


When travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic limited their explorations to within Indonesia, Angella and Jean-Noël discovered Sumba. This island, with its pristine nature and strategic location, was exactly what they had been dreaming of. Despite scepticism from others, they saw potential where no one else did and took the bold step of purchasing their first plots of land on Sumba. Thus, the concept of Anna Villas resort was conceived.


Initially, the goal was simple: to offer others the chance to experience the unparalleled joy of owning land facing the endless blue sea. However, as they delved deeper into the project, Angella and Jean-Noël realized the opportunity to create something far more significant. They embarked on developing more than 50 hectares of land, not merely as a commercial venture but as a sustainable project in harmony with nature and the local Sumbanese communities.  "We have created the very first project on Sumba Tengah, up north. First because we are not after waves but after a sea where our children can swim safely. And then because this area is more protected from potential tsunamis than the South", Angella says.


This development, endorsed by the local authorities, aimed to respect and preserve the natural and cultural integrity of the area.


Their private estate is a testament to their commitment to ecological sustainability and community.


By integrating eco-friendly wooden houses, organic fruits and vegetables plantations, natural lakes, and spaces for animals to roam freely, they have crafted a sanctuary totally integrated to the nature. With the will to use the resources locally available, the electricity on the domain is 100% provided by solar panels.


Here, visitors are not just customers but part of a community that shares a deep respect for the environment and the values that Angella and Jean-Noël hold dear.

Our Process

Sumba Beach Resort With Local Sumba Community
Sumba Beach Local Community

​Settling in a remote place where traditions are omnipresent requires adapting, understanding, learning how to integrate into local life with humility.




Before laying the foundation stone of Anna Villas, founders Angella and Jean-Noël Khaladi took the time to connect deeply with Sumba, its land and its people. Immersing themselves in the local culture, they engaged in the community and learned about their traditions and way of life, themselves adopting local rites such as the various animist ceremonies or offerings for the protection of places and people that take place regularly within their resort.




This deep commitment was not only to lay the foundations of a resort, but to forge a meaningful relationship with the island, ensuring that their project would honor and incorporate the rich heritage and sanctity of Sumbanese traditions.

Sumba Beach Culture Ceremony

Our resort

Imagine... 57 hectares of land, for only 14 villas... 

Named after Angella & Jean-Noël first child, Anna Villas Resort is your home away from home.

Our white sand beach (almost 2km), the wild horses and buffalos running in front of the villas, our caring team... Our resort will take your breath away and gives you the unique opportunity to truly have a break in this world where everything goes too fast. 

Our place is family-friendly and we offer you various activities (water activities, cycling, hiking...) if you don't want to simply relax in front of the beach, or get a relaxing massage. 

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Sumba Beach Island

Angella Khaladi

Angella Khaladi, the co-founder of Sumba Beach Resort alongside Jean-Noël, has also been an accomplished entrepreneur for more than 10 years. Former lawyer, gifted psychic and medium and sought-after speaker, Angella is in charge of running the resort and holding its vision. After creating the pioneer online spiritual development platform in France in 2014, she studied and got certified in applied neurology and opened a nervous system regulation program institute for French-speaking professionals. Her incredible work blending neurosciences and spirituality to improve performance and mental health has been featured in many medias like Forbes. You will feel her vision in all the details and attentions awaiting you in the resort. 

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