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How to get to sumba island?
from bali to sumba

Flight Connections to Sumba Island

From Within Indonesia


There are daily flights from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS) to Sumba Island’s Tambolaka Airport (TMC). Please see the flight schedule and airline options below :

Bali to Sumba :

Nam Air (IN 280) | ETD Bali 09:00, ETA Tambolaka 10:00

Citilink (QG-1654 ) | ETD Bali 09:45, ETA Tambolaka 11:15

Wings Air (IW 1832) | ETD Bali 10:45, ETA Tambolaka 12:15

This schedule can change any time.

International Connections


For international travelers, you can catch your connecting flight to Sumba from Bali (Denpasar). It’s advisable to allow some buffer time between connections, especially during peak travel seasons, to accommodate any schedule changes or delays.

How get here to sumba beach from Jakarta or Bali
from jakarta to sumba

Sea Routes to Sumba Island

From Flores


The most common sea route to Sumba starts from the island of Flores, particularly from the port town of Aimere. Boats from Aimere frequently set sail to Waikelo Port in West Sumba. This journey provides a picturesque voyage across the Flores Sea, offering views of volcanic islands and an opportunity to experience life on the Indonesian seas.


From Sumbawa


Another route to consider starts from Sape Harbor on the eastern tip of Sumbawa Island. From Sape, ferries make their way to Waingapu Port, the largest town in East Sumba. This route traverses the Sumba Strait, a stretch of sea known for its strong currents and deep waters, making for an exhilarating sea voyage.

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