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Sumba Beach by Anna Villas

How It All Started

The genesis of Anna Villas Resort was inspired by a shared dream of its founders, Angella and Jean-Noël Khaladi, who were captivated by the untouched beauty and vibrant culture of Sumba. Their journey began with a deep commitment to understanding and integrating into the local community, laying the foundation for a resort that would not only offer unparalleled luxury but also embody a profound respect for the environment and the island's heritage. This vision materialized into a serene haven, offering guests an authentic slice of paradise, where the luxury of tranquility and the richness of cultural immersion blend seamlessly, marking the birth of Anna Villas Resort as a destination for those who seek more than just a getaway, but a meaningful connection with nature and culture.

At the heart of Sumba Beach Resort's creation is the vision and dedication of founders Jean-Noël Khaladi and Angella, who embarked on a journey to blend luxury with the untouched beauty and rich culture of Sumba Island.

We are not looking for just any investors but investors like us.

The spirit of our project is and will remain the same : adapt to nature and keep space. Anna Villas resort must remain this place you are going to when you want to breath, to recharge and to rest.

Some of our beautiful plots are for sale for private investors only who want to build their wooden family house or to secure their money. We offer a stress-free solution and manage everything, including the building of your house itself with our fantastic and highly skilled team.

Invest with us, just like them :

Tom Knaepkens, Belgique


Guenaëlle, France


Frédéric Bouchaud, France


Alice et Pascal, France



Embarking on the creation of Anna Beach resort revealed the intricate challenges of foreign investment, from navigating dishonest brokers to ensuring land legitimacy. This journey bestowed upon us a deep understanding of local laws and investment landscapes, enabling us to craft a secure, transparent investment pathway for our partners. We proudly offer a model of integrity, where we directly own and transparently sell land, conducting transactions under legal supervision to ensure conflict-free ownership. With the endorsement of local authorities, we guarantee a solid foundation for your investment, inviting you to join us in shaping the future of Sumba with trust and clarity at the forefront.

Sumba Beach Eco Resorts & Villas

Why Sumba ?

Sumba Cultures
 Seize the unparalleled investment opportunity that Sumba Beach presents, a burgeoning paradise poised for exponential growth and profitability.

Sumba offers investors a chance to own a piece of this gem named "The Anti-Bali" by Elle Magazine.


With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and increasing global recognition, Sumba is not just an investment in land; it's an investment in a lifestyle and a future where sustainability is at the center of a new type of tourism: the exclusivity one.


As tourism flourishes and demand for exclusive beachfront properties rises, your investment here is perfectly positioned for significant appreciation, offering a rare blend of ecological beauty and economic potential that is unmatched anywhere else.

Sumba Beach
Sumba Communities
Sumba beach Anna Villas

Contact Us

Let's talk about your project and see if your values resonate with ours. 

Our plots start from 1500sqm and are a part of our private resort, with road access.

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