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  • Is the place kid friendly?
    Definitely! We will make sure to provide you all the material needed to make your stay with your child easy: baby cot, baby bathtub, bed fence... and we also have many food options that your little one will certainly love. We don't have a proper kids club at the moment but we can organize a nanny service for you (we highly recommend you to book in advance) and we have some board games and material for craft activities. Understand that the nannies we can hire for you are adorable Sumbanese ladies but they can barely speak English. Even though we have no doubt that your kids will be safe with them, they are not the best choice if you want a highly trained nanny. In that case we recommend you to bring yours.
  • Can I change money in Sumba?
    There are no money changing facilities on the island nor at our resort so please exchange your currency in Bali before arriving at Anna Villas. Credit cards can be used in the resort and you can also pay us through direct bank transfer if you are Indonesian.
  • Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
    Yes, Sumba Beach Resort can meet specific dietary needs, including halal, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. The resort's restaurant, Chez Paul, prepares dishes using fresh and local products, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every guest..
  • Are the villas fanned or airconditioned?
    All our villas come with fans to ensure your comfort.
  • Are pets allowed?
    We love pets but we decided to make our domain a pets free place for the comfort of everyone, and also because we have wild animals passing through the domain every day (wild horses and buffalos).
  • Are there shops inside the resort?
    We have a small boutique inside the resort where you can buy some basic toiletries, sunscreen, cigarettes and snacks. We also display Sumbanese and Indonesian handicrafts (statues, Ikats, sarongs, notebooks...) so that you can bring back home a beautiful souvenir.
  • Is there a spa?
    We offer spa treatments in the comfort of your villa or in a dedicated place depending on what you prefer.
  • Do you have beach equipment?
    We have some snorkeling equipment that you can use free of charge but we recommend you to bring yours as our stock is limited. You can also rent a kayak. We provide beach toys for your children for free.
  • Is there a hospital near-by?
    Our domain is 1 hour away from Waikabubak hospital.
  • Can I be evacuated in case of emergency?
    If you have the right medical evacuation coverage, a medivac plane can take you from Sumba to Singapore, which has the best medical care in the region. Understand that we cannot be held responsible for any medical emergency evacuation costs. If you do not have an evacuation policy, expect to pay around 50.000USD just for the evacuation flight, that’s not including hospital or other costs incurred.
  • Should I take a health insurance package before my stay?
    You should do so before any travel! Medical costs overseas are very expensive, and in Indonesia if you can't pay you won't be treated.
  • What about malaria?
    Malaria is common in most of Indonesia, and Sumba is no exception. We take malaria seriously by a green mosquito control approach, consisting in preventing and destroying any mosquito breeding place. We spray our rooms every day, and all of them have mosquito nets. If you are concerned, we recommend that you wear a light and loose long sleeved shirt at night with similar long pants, and use insect repellent (we will find some in your room and you can also buy your own at the boutique).
  • Should we bring any medicine?
    We suggest you to bring: - broad-spectrum antibiotics - special antibiotics for skin infections - fungicide cream for the skin - waterproof bandages - antiseptic cream or spray And any other treatment you may need for yourself or for your little ones (like paracetamol, ibuprofen, antiacid...).
  • What about internet?
    We have installed a reliable satellite Internet that is accessible with Wi-Fi in all the villas area. Note that for now, the connexion is not available on the beach.
Frequently asked questions Of Sumba Beaach Resort
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