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Spa Retreats: A Sanctuary for the Senses

Spa Retreats: A Sanctuary for the Senses

Our spa treatments are more than mere relaxation; they are a journey of spiritual and physical rejuvenation, crafted under the guidance of Angella Khaladi, our co-founder and a gifted psychic and medium. We offer a range of treatments that combine traditional Sumbanese and Balinese herbal blends with unique energy-healing techniques.

Spa at Sumba Beach Resort

A 60-minute session focusing on grounding and energising your feet, ideal for releasing tension and enhancing your connection to the Earth.

Mother Earth (Feet)

Experience 60 minutes of bliss that relaxes your head and face, designed to clear your mind and deepen your connection to the divine energy and intuition.

Divine Father (Head)

A comprehensive 90-minute treatment for the entire body, combining massage and energetic healing. This ritual uses special herbs for detoxification and concludes with a purifying bath by the sea.

Home (Whole Body)

Choose this 45-minute massage for quick relief of tension in the feet, head, neck and shoulders, perfect for guests seeking a shorter session.


Our treatments

Food Culinary: creating memories 

We serve an Indo-French fusion menu featuring a variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate, made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. 

Food at Sumba Beach Resort

Comfort first

We crafted an in-house dining experience : we serve you in the comfort of your own villa, from 6AM in the morning until late evening. 

But you can also join us at our beach straw hut named after our owners's son, "Chez Paul", to share some grilled food by the sea. 

Dine in Sumba

Where food rhymes with emotion

A fusion of the tastiest Indonesian recipes and our French home cooking. Simple yet delicious. 


Our food is nourishing and comforting, prepared with fresh and local products. The vegetables, herbs and some fruits are grown in our garden, without any chemicals. 

The fish we serve you is caught every day by our fisherman, just in front of your villa. 


Our menu changes with the seasons, depending on what Mother Nature makes available for us, and we can meet your specific needs: halal, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free food. 


Imagine yourself eating your grilled fish in front of the sea, with the gentle sound of the waves in the background… That’s the experience. 

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